At Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt, we offer a variety of soft-serve frozen yogurt, sorbet, and frozen custard flavors, with a vast array of fresh toppings in a family-friendly, self-serve environment. Since most of our flavors are non-fat or low-fat, enjoying a tasty frozen dessert at Blu Berry doesn’t have to mean deserting a healthy lifestyle! We always include No Sugar Added (NSA) and non-dairy flavors in our assortment as well.

First-time tasters of frozen yogurt are amazed at how delicious and refreshing it is, but without the high amounts of sugar, fat, and calories typically found in most ice cream desserts. Plus, our yogurt contains live and active cultures known to promote digestive health.

A vast assortment of yummy toppings, combined with our self-serve method, gives customers full creative freedom to choose any combination desired. Each completed “froyo” is weighed and priced by the ounce, ready to be enjoyed. It’s Simply Delicious and Simply Healthy, Made Simply Your Way!

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    As much as you want of whatever you like!

    Our self-serve method is easy, fun, and totally YOU! With at least 10 delicious soft-serve flavors at each location, trying a few complimentary samples is a great way to start. Now, having tasted the frozen goodness, let the creativity flow…grab a cup and fill it with as much as you desire of the flavors you’re craving. Next, a plethora of toppings awaits you. From freshly cut fruit and granola to hot fudge and gummi bears, over 70 toppings are at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a light, balanced, refreshing medley or a full-on, decadent party-in-your-mouth, our exceptional selection of toppings has your yogurt covered. Once you’ve put the finishing touch on your “froyo”, we measure the amount of palate-pleasing goodness by weight, affordably priced by the ounce. Grab a spoon and make yourself at home on cushioned seating in our dining area, cozy furniture by the fireplace in the “Froyo Lounge”, or patio tables and chairs outside. Enjoy!

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    The popularity of self-serve frozen yogurt stores continues to grow, especially here in the Northwest, and with each new Blu Berry store opened, we are committed to honoring the surrounding community with excellence, integrity, and generosity as we provide enjoyable experiences. Being a family-owned, family-run business, we strive to continually build a community-centric reputation, with each store actively supporting local schools and charities, while also contributing to regional and national charities with local significance.

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    After many months of research, planning, and construction, we excitedly opened the doors to Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt in Silverdale, WA in August of 2011. Word spread quickly about our multi-generational-family-owned, family-operated froyo store located in Towne Center, and it became apparent that residents of Silverdale, Kitsap County, and beyond were sharing the news that self-serve frozen yogurt had made its first appearance in Kitsap County.

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    Owners Jeff and Veronica Schronce are 1984 graduates of North Kitsap High School in Poulsbo, WA and have been residents of Kitsap County, WA since the late 1970’s. Veronica is also a Central Washington University graduate. Residing in Silverdale since 1991, they, along with their four children, have witnessed a tremendous amount of growth and change in the county over the years. In 2011, they recognized and seized an opportunity to share their delightful discovery of self-serve frozen yogurt with the community, becoming first-time small business owners and introducing Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt as a new enjoyment destination for Kitsap County. The success of Blu Berry has led to significant contributions to local organizations committed to helping those in need, and Jeff and Veronica consider themselves truly blessed to live in a community of such remarkable generosity.

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    Our rewards program is as simple as it gets – no online user agreement, no username and password, no e-mail address, no advertisements or junk mail….just a paper-based punch card! Each cup of froyo (minimum 8 ounces) purchased merits a punch on our card, and customers earn a free yogurt reward (up to 10 ounces) on the 10th punch. Completed cards are redeemable at all Western Washington Blu Berry locations.

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    Saving money at Blu Berry is easy with frequent discounts and promotions through various mediums.

    We always offer a 10% discount to customers with military ID. Scheduled groups and parties of 10 or more are eligible to receive a 15% discount – contact us at least one week in advance at the location of your choice. Customers with a current Kitsap Card receive $2 off their first purchase and 10% off thereafter.

    We’re regular advertisers in the Kitsap Sun, the West Sound Dining Guide, and school sports programs, and a discount coupon is always included. We also announce special offers exclusively through our Facebook fan pages, often related to holidays or local events.

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    What are others saying about their Blu Berry experience? Many reviews about us can be found on various popular websites, such as Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and Urbanspoon. We encourage you to share your opinion on sites like these as well!

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    Our fans have been extremely supportive in recognizing our efforts to be the very best at what we do! As a result, we have received some awards:

    KING 5 Evening Magazine’s 2012 BEST of Western Washington viewers’ poll – 1st Place Winner/Frozen Yogurt
    Central Kitsap Reporter’s 2011 and 2012 BEST of Central Kitsap readers’ choice – 1st Place Winner/Best Dessert

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    We’re always looking for the next great Blu Berry employee! Download our Blu Berry Employment Application, fill it out, and turn it in to one of our Kitsap County locations.

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    Enjoyable experiences at Blu Berry are plentiful, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! We frequently take photos of our customers, most of who delight in the “froyo fame” that follows when their pictures appear on our Facebook fan pages and our in-house big screens.

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    Our Facebook fan pages are the primary social media sites we use to communicate with our fans. Each location has its own page, since most of the interaction is specific to the local fan base. When you “Like” us on one of our Facebook pages, you’ll receive location-specific New Flavor Alerts, special event notifications, special offers, fan photo posts, and you’ll be able to post comments to the page and message us any time.
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